Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gingered beet juice

Beet juice is said to be a liver cleanser (especially beneficial for treating a condition known as fatty liver). Ginger improves digestion and boosts the circulation of fluids.

Gingered beet juice

This beet juice seems a bit counter-intuitive, but do try it before you decide it isn't for you. It tastes sweet, earthy and a bit fiery because of the fresh ginger. 

The mouthfeel of this beet juice is clean from the slight astringency of the Canada Dry™ ginger ale. If you choose to use Jamaican ginger beer instead, leave out the fresh ginger. Otherwise, you may find this juice to be too sharp and bitter.

                                                  Yield: 1 serving

1 small beet root
1 cm. (½-in.) chunk fresh ginger root, peeled
1 cup Canada Dry™ ginger ale


1. Wash the beet and ginger.

2. Cut the beet into small chunks. Put these and the ginger through the juicer.

3. Strain the juice into a glass. Top it up with ginger ale.


Barry said...

This sounds like an excellent pick me up. After a long, unrelentless winter, I have 'fatty' everything so perhaps whipping my liver into shape would be a good start.

jara said...

Barry, this winter, like so many others, seems endless. We're all more than ready for summer.