Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Minty Swiss chard smoothie

Minty Swiss chard smoothie

Swiss chard is part of the beet family of vegetables. In this smoothie, I have used what is commonly known as rhubarb Swiss chard; 'rhubarb' because of the betain-saturated red stalk. It certainly tastes nothing like rhubarb.

Make a complete small meal of this smoothie by adding a teaspoon of olive oil and ¼ cup of tofu for the protein portion. You can punch up the flavours even more by adding a peeled, ripe, green Kiwi fruit.

                                               Yield: 2 cups, approximately

1 Swiss chard leaf
fresh mung bean sprouts, 1 - 2 cups
½ Granny Smith apple, washed, chunked
½ avocado, peeled
½ fresh lime, peeled
a handful of fresh mint leaves
¼ cup cold water

Clockwise: Swiss chard, mint, bean sprouts, lime,
avocado, and Granny Smith apple

1. Clean the fruits and vegetables.

2.  Place the bean sprouts and ¼ cup water into the blender. Puree the sprouts.

3. Cut away the central rib of the Swiss chard leaf, keeping the dark green leaf portions. Slice these into pieces about 2.5 cm. (1 in.) wide.  Place the  slices into the blender. Puree.

4. Cut the unpeeled apple half into chunks. Remove core and seeds. Add the apple chunks to the blender.

5. Cut ½ of the lime. Using a sharp paring knife, sever the pulp away from the skin. Discard the skin. Cut the pulp into chunks and add them to the blender. 

6. Add the flesh of ½ avocado and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Blend on 'High' until the ingredients are pureed.

Decant into two glasses.


Barry said...

Wow! Looks like another delicious winner to me. And very healthy. I'm shopping for a blender. Any suggestions? Sharing these recipes is an excellent contribution. I am thinking this is a good way to start a day or to set the palate for a subsequent dinner.

jara said...

Barry, there are so many blenders, food processors and what-have-you out there that I don't know where I'd begin if I had to replace my blender today. Mine is a Braun, a simple, inexpensive model bought about 10 years ago. I see blenders priced at hundreds nowadays; they can cost a small fortune.

Then there's the One-Shot Magic Bullet, frequently found at a very reasonable discount here in Calgary lately. I bought one and must say I like it. It is small, taking up little storage space in my minuscule kitchen without sacrificing power.

Barry said...

I read this after my comment on Beet Ginger. I have seen this Magic Bullet advertised. I will check it out. I like the captcha blogspot uses. There are some so obscure I cannot get them right at all. Stumble Upon is one. I get a fairly respectable percentage of my traffic from SU. Lately I have been getting traffic from your site. Thank you.

jara said...

Barry, it is wonderful that you're getting traffic via my site. I guess this means the system is working;-)

I got my One-Shot Magic Bullet at a discount from London Drugs. I think I've seen it discounted in one of Canadian Tire's flyers during the past month. There might even be one offered on kijiji. The discounted price was so reasonable that, even with the GST, it was still worth buying new.